Anonymous asked:

which ones are some of your favorites digimon blogs?

DigiKing Answer:




Hello, anon~

umm, let’s see! (this is gonna be kind of big whoops) 

digi-egg, digimonbutterfly, digimonrewatchfuckyeahdigidestined, missyiscandy, riseandshinecourage, natsukigennai, digimentals, bandanaprinceaskichijouji, justanotherdigimonfanask-kudoutaikigeneralofxrosheart, asktheadventurousdigidestined, ask-taichi-senpai, mesonoxianheraldpatamonkisses, holyangemon, zonee-digimon, askwormmondigi-childhood, digimon-jp-and-en, n4tennis23, digimelodies, gaomon 

oh my gosh why do I feel I’m forgetting some blogs

Yup, those are pretty much my favorite blogs (um not sure if this is a lot or not), a few of them aren’t all-digimon though ^____^ 

someones actually likes my blog ^-^ i’m a favorite blog of someone 

oh you are so nice bia! you are also one of my fav blogs, and maybe the nicest person i’ve met on tumblr :3 i’m talking serious ok?



waaa of course I love your blog! Specially your gifsets omgg

thanks a lot, the same goes for you~ (✿◠‿◠)

rainbow-melody asked:

For the Palette thing can I request Sora from Digimon in palette four? :)

DigiKing Answer:



I miss this cutie!